Jacob Ruff BB17 Trauma Season

Filmed and edited in Washington by Chris Clappé.
Big ups to BB17, CSK, Spike Parts, Hold Fast, and the Harborview Trauma Center Surgery Team 2 for keeping me on my feet feet and rolling.

Jacob Ruff BB17 Trauma Season from breakbrake17 on Vimeo.

CSK – MTB Park With Tyler Johnson

Tyler let loose at the I-5 Colonnade Park a few weeks back. Chris captured and put together this edit.

CSK C-Sides: We’re Still Here

“We’ve been a little distant the last few months. Don’t think that we haven’t been busy. I gathered together a few flip clips from Chris, Tyler, and even a rare Zlog spotting. Summer has arrived in Seattle and we’re still here.”
via CSK


Manuel sent this through. Really great idea coming from Bombtrack, read more about it on their facebook page

Steven Jensen for Spike Parts

Jensen continues to kill it, this time for Spike parts. If you haven’t been keeping up with things, Steven also had a nice spotlight on Hypebeast this week. Check it out!

Destroy 29er Bike Check

So I have pretty much stopped posting since I got this bike because its just too much fun. I dont sit in front of the computer bored anymore so I apologize for the lack of video posts. Thankfully TTv and Pedalconsumption got that covered

Anyway, this is my new Destroy 29er and it was love at first ride

Bars/Stem/Headset: Spike V2/ Primo Aneyerlator/ Stolen implant
Frame/Fork: 2013 Destroy 29er/ BB17 Cobra V2
Cranks/BB/Pedals: Resist/ Stolen Revolver/ Odyssey twisted PC
Rim/Hub/Cog: Mtx33/ Profile/ 12t
Tires/Straps: Kenda Mid range Smallblock, Freedom Cruz Sport/ ZLOG x 19t

Can’t Fool Issue 2 Teaser

Stoked on this! The riding is next level and Zane is pushing things forward for FGFS with this video magazine Can’t Fool The Youth. The Seattle section is going to be insane.

Check it out and get psyched

Southern Safari

Southern Safari is a film by Kareem Shehab featuring some of America’s top fixed gear freestyle riders shredding and travelling through the South. A lot of time and work went into the film and it is finally available for the public to watch for $8.00 (here) This is one of the more progressive fixed gear freestyle videos to date, with lots of good riding from Tom LaMarche, Torey Thornton, Miles Mathia, and Kareem Shehab. A must see for any FGFS enthusiast.

Fixie Factory x CSK Rail Jam – March 22

As the flier states, Fixie Factory x CSK Rail Jam going down March 22. Zlog Family Affiliated. Don’t be late.

CSK-Physical Therapy

Some leftovers from the past few months and a couple new ones. enjoy

Chase LaRue Redmonds Nights

Good stuff from this up and coming Northwest native. Nice turndown at the end. Very clean!

FIXIE RAP | BlocBoi Fame – Disrespectful

Not bad! It kind of reminds me of the early days of cruising around the streets with friends and being reckless. Are there any more videos like this that I’ve missed? I always appreciate bike-centric cuts.

Us Versus Them Fixed Freestyle Park Crashers at Active HQ

Another banger from Zane Meyer, Chop Em Down Films and Us Versus Them. Devon and Steven get buck.