Vans x Brooks

Tracko has the scoop on this awesome collaboration between Vans and Brooks. If I had to guess, I would say they are Syndicates. Vans Vault doesn’t do too many collabo’s. According to Tracko, they will also be teaming up with Filson and Pendleton for 2010; all great brands known for their long-lasting craftsmanship.

Edit: they are in fact Vans Vault. Thanks Publikhair for the details!

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  1. Carosello

    I really hope the pendleton collabo really happens, that is something I would actually throw money down for.

  2. Zach Bossington

    me too. i was wearing my pendleton flannel as I posted that.

  3. publikhair

    It is all in the Vans Vault line,I got the catalogue at the shop.I wouldn’t get to hot and bothered about the Pendelton collab,it’s very Native inspired and the shoes they used are a Slip On and a Sk8 hi,the Sk8 hi looks buttery though.The Brooks shoe looks great really nice leather but they put a corny ass skull on the tongue.The Filson stuff looks good as well some pretty nice stuff from Vans.

  4. publikhair

    Oh yeah there is a really nice collab with Knoll Textiles it’s a Era and looks so nice to ride in.

  5. Zach Bossington

    Thanks for the info Pubs. I’ll have to swing by the shop to check that catalogue. I like the native patterns that Pendleton uses, but not sure if i can rock em on my feet.

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  9. Devansky

    Vans already did a collab with Pendleton on the Syndicate line for John Cardiel. We sold through them at my old shop almost as quickly as the Max Schaff. Check em out:

  10. Matt B

    Where the hell can I get my hands on a pair of these in the UK?

    Got to have some.

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