Mike Giant x Pristine Fixed Gear

Pristine is a boutique in Amsterdam that sells awesome fixed gear products (like zlog tees) and Mike Giant did an amazing installation on their wall. Go check out the Rebel8 blog for more photos.

Looking sick Gijs!!!

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  1. gijs!

    Thanx Zach! I’m so pumped about it! Another reason for you to come visit man!

  2. Zach Bossington

    I gotta make it to Amsterdam!

  3. Ralf

    You should Zach, but remeber we talk Dutch not German…. Sick mural

  4. Zach Bossington

    haha, either way, i cant understand it! its all greek to me!

  5. Hip Hop Slave Bikes / Hipster Sleds - Page 138 - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed

    [...] Originally Posted by apolloxl why is the bike on the wall a leftie drive? Because it'll have been projected onto the wall using an OHP first, making the image flipped. Anyway, it's by Mike Giant and it's at Pristine. Here's an article.. http://zlogblog.com/2010/05/mike-gia…ne-fixed-gear/ [...]

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