Daniel Velasco for MASH

Daniel is killing it in SF. He got hooked up with Mash and recieved a Cinelli (that actually fits him!). He is making boss moves for sure and hasn’t forgot to rep Zlog while he’s at it. Thatta’ Boy!

via MASH

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  1. Brendan

    Keep up the good work in SF Daniel! We miss you in Seatown dude, come back for a visit before all the sunshine is gone.

  2. Tyler Johnson

    Awesome work man!

  3. Brandon

    Sweet. Loved the bikecheck with the Barenuckle

  4. Henny

    What kinda helmet is that, I’m lookin for a new one..

  5. Zach Bossington

    its a catlike. Im not sure they are ‘legal’ in the USA. Might have to swoop one from canada.

  6. sizemore

    Daniel is the dude.

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