Product Review: Feedback Sports Pro-Elite Repair Stand

If you have been working with bikes for a while you have probably found the need for a repair stand at some point. Living and working out of my very small studio apartment I couldn’t fathom owning a repair stand, until the Pro-Elite stand came along. By the name alone “Pro-Elite” sounds, well, kind of elitist and with good reason. It has the strength and clamp style of a high-end stand and also folds down for easy storage or travel. To test it’s ease-of-use I called upon my friend Amy. She had never used a bicycle repair stand before and in no time she had the stand up and running. The clamp has a patented quick release clamp that also utilizes a nob to dial in the clamp pressure. Weighing in at 12 lbs. it is fairly light for how sturdy it is. For the mechanic on the move or for doing repairs at home this is the stand to own.

Check the out stand and all of the accessories at Feedback Sports

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  1. Chris Cunneely

    Dang that thing folds up waaay smaller than my Park stand, which’s legs only fold together, not up, and only gets as short as 5′. Plus, it’s a bit heavy and the clamp is only semi-adjustable. What’s that thing cost? There’s no price info on their site.

  2. j.bolt

    we got one of these here at Velocity… it is the shit. best stand i’ve had the pleasure of using.

  3. Matt

    We use one of these at Velocity…such a great stand!

  4. Zach Bossington

    it is way better than the spin doctor stand that i used to have.

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