Cyclist vs. Business man

This had me cracking up!

thanks Geoff!

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  1. jon william

    yeah well you’re not using a crosswalk… hilarious!

  2. Cyclist vs. Business Man - The 5th Floor

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  3. swoo

    I can’t stop watching it!!

    “He wasn’t using the crosswalk, it cancels out, it’s okay.. keep walking.”

    too good!!! hahahaha

  4. Kevin

    HAHAHAA! ohhh man! Both in the wrong, so no confrontation. Too good!

  5. SLUM

    lolz. yess. I can’t say this has never happened to me either. In the battle between the oblivious pedestrian and the smashing messenger, bikes always win.

  6. jkx

    He only has to look in one direction though?

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