Product Review: Skully Boom

Leif gave me one of these lil’ guys in LA. Don’t be fooled, this odd creature of a speaker packs a punch! It is perfect for group rides and trick sessions. I had it hooked on my belt while hanging at the park and then took it to Future Tense, where it provided us with sweet tunes. The battery didn’t die and the beats were loud within a 15ft range. It comes with a retractable headphone jack and is chargeable by USB cord. With all that said I think they could do with a line of less cartoony looking ones, I kindof felt like I had a “My Little Pony” hooked on my belt for a second. A murdered out option, or even a simpler speaker box might cater to an older demographic who still want to bump jams when they are on the grind.

Go get your hands on one at SkullyBoom

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  1. blair

    745AM, polk street, sf, ca, usa – on my way to the coffee shop (on foot) i saw a crew of three rolling northbound. point man looked to be on an all city and the tail gunner was rocking one of these. didn’t sound bad at all, even from the sidewalk.

  2. eden

    They should also have skullybooms that come with retractable earbuds, so you can listen to some nice lady gaga with out the world hearing! ahaha DO IT! that way you can either have them be a mimi boom box or just earbuds!

  3. Lief

    ^good idea mate.

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