A day with the LA Brakeless Crew

Dylan Hurst
Josh Gonzales
Alfonso Garcia
Joe McKeag

I spent a few hours riding and kicking it with the dudes from LA Brakeless. It was great to follow these guys around, spot to spot, filming them shred.
This is definitely a solid crew of riders. So happy to meet everyone who works at LAB too.
Music: Tommy Guerrero – Exzebache

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  1. jordan burt

    that three at the end was legit. no tap at all

  2. anonymous

    Does anybody know what rims Joe McKeag is running?

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    [...] up here’s a ZLOG edit: A day with the LA Brakeless Crew which is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. There are some great riders in that team, Joe [...]

  4. juan

    he rides chukkers built at LAB.

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