Ross Johnson

First off let me say I enjoyed this video. The music, color and fluid camera really made it and enjoyable watch. I wish I would’ve seen more riding in the drops though.

good find TOLA

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  1. Ross Johnson | 14bikeco's Blog

    [...] here’s an edit to gently wake up to on a Saturday morning, seen over at ZLOG here’s Ross Johnson FTW, an SF riding edit from Pat La Rock. A nicely chilled out edit, a mix [...]


    That was filmed well but in all reality that was like a boring lazy Tuesday ride after a burrito and a few bong rips trying to impress nobody but my Grandma (R.I.P.) edited down to some clips (with good music) that make him look like he’s doing something?

  3. Tyler Johnson

    Jay you and I need to go film a shredit destroying this town. Go pro’s mounted to both our bikes. You down?

  4. Coomer

    Agree with Jay and Tyler.

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