Product Review: Black Market Molly Hatchet Handlebars

When I first saw these at Interbike this year I was really excited about them and knew that I wanted to try these things out for myself. After talking to Carter from BLCK MRKT he eventually sent me a little package that contained these bars and some other goodies. Right away I noticed how wide the bars are (28 inches) and the chrome finish. I’ve been riding these bars now for the past month or so and they are probably the best bars I’ve ridden so far. By “best” I mean they are stiff, they have a 3″ rise, and they are very shiny. I’ve purposely been jumping lots of stair sets, gaps and whatever just to try and get these things to bend but it doesnt seem like thats gonna happen anytime soon.The rise and width of the bars(which i cut down an inch or so)are what really make the difference to me. It makes lots of tricks and just riding around alot easier. I feel like if these parts are good enough for MTB and DJ bikes then they will definitely hold up for fixed gear freestyle. These bars are made from 100% double butted chromoly, come in either 2″ or 3″ and have a knurled 22.2 clamp area so your bars will never slip. These bars should be available early 2011 and for more info on BLCK MRKT check their site.

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  1. dennis

    met carter and mando from BLCK MRKT at the sf bike expo. good dudes for sure!

  2. AA

    finally blck mrkt on 22.2!
    8° backsweep ?

  3. anonymous

    What’s the difference to Gusset’s “Open Prison” bars (exept that they don’t come in shiny chrome)?
    They are also made of Cr-Mo, have a 22.2mm clamp, are almost 28 inches wide and are available with a 3 inch rise?

  4. Dawson

    These bars are super sick, I got my hands on some and they look lovely!

  5. Chris Butcher

    Not sure what the diff. between these and gussets are. I know gussets bend though.

  6. Torey Thornton

    gussets bend and have different sweeps and such

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