Zlog Crew-Some old Some new

heres a quick edit I threw together with mostly older clips I had on my comp.

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  1. Sean

    J. Ruff’s thread the needle at 1:03 was way sick!

  2. aj austin

    love the edit but your killing me zach… slowed gucci mane?!?!? Robert Earl Davis and Pimp C are rollin’ over in their graves

  3. Chris Butcher

    haha I will own up to the slowed gucci. it worked for me

  4. Zach Bossington

    it wasn’t me! haha Chris did it…

  5. aj austin

    hah sorry zach, for shame chris. for shame indeed.

  6. antonyo

    holy shit @:23 and the t-bog! booooom!!

  7. elliot santillan

    thought this shit was salem remix. man the seattle guys are so nice, they cant party like the third coast parties.

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