Zlog Crew-Winter Training

staying on top of our game even when its snowing and raining out.

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  1. Mike Dinh

    Damn guys, fuckin butter

  2. Jordo

    That tap wheelie 180 was siiiick!!!!

  3. liam

    tylers doin line off bitches asses

  4. rick anderson

    bump jump gap to 180 bar off was SO clean. nicely done dudes.

  5. today’s trick roundup « 14 Bike Co. Blog « 14 Bike Co. | 14 Bike Co.

    [...] up here’s the ZLOG winter training edit, so dailed! Some technical and styled riding from the Z-boys, I mean [...]

  6. aj austin


  7. yoyoma

    what frame is that

  8. Tyler Johnson

    I am riding a Leader.
    Chris is riding an All City prototype.
    Jruff is on the BreakBrake17 Charmer.

  9. jay

    wow that was fucking sick bra. wheres this garage at?

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