Seattle Skateparks: NO BIKES ALLOWED

Seattle Center skate park is often guarded by a Segway-straddling rent-a-cop that kicks out bike riders on sight. He will scoot around all day chasing bikers out of the area, whether they are in the skate park or not. I would really like to see some more bike friendly skate parks around here, but for now I guess street riding is our only real option.

Photo by James Spalding

I was researching BMX advocacy in Seattle and came up with this article from A concerned parent writes them asking why their child isn’t allowed to ride a bike at the park and their response is that Seattle doesn’t have enough room for both. With skateboarders advocating for skate parks, I do not think that anything is going to change for the growing bike community, unless we make our voices heard. I suggest emailing and let them know (in an educated manner) that parks are needed by bikers as well as skaters. Go one step further and check out their excellent Advocacy Guide , which is a great resource if you want to know how to get a park built in your town. Just replace the word skater with biker and you have yourself a bike-park advocacy guide. I have a feeling that bikers will need to push for their own park, or else things will stay the same and skaters will continue reap all of the rewards.

in Seattle and in the majority of skateparks, mixed use simply does not work for one primary reason: we don’t have enough skateparks in Seattle so they’re always very crowded, which makes riding bikes in skateparks dangerous for skateboarders.

-Seattle Skate Parks

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  1. Nikko Azucena

    I had no idea Seattle Center park was that strict. I have
    yet to get kicked out. I’m usually there after I get out of class
    when its about to get dark and theres no one skating since its
    really cold out this time of year.

  2. shad

    Hey man if you ever have any questions about this hit me up.We have opened up alot of the parks here in Portland.

  3. Brandune

    Greenlake fool, there are always more bikes than skateboards there.

  4. Zach Bossington

    Yea Shad, I am planning a trip to PDX with the Zlog crew. We should meet up and chat about it.

  5. Nick B

    It’s amazing how much work we skaters did during the 80’s and 90’s to push for legitimacy of the sport and how much lobbying was done to get skateparks to be more prevalent. Now that I have moved on to fixie freestyle, I’m not allowed in the very same skateparks that my generation made a reality? Hypocritical little poser skater bitches. People like me made their stupid mainstream sport possible. I was skating street, getting tickets/harassed/ridiculed while they were all in diapers.

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