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90210 Fixed Gear Freestyle

Dylan aka FishNchips makes a cameo in the new 90210 series. Skip ahead to 1:54.

Thanks Phil!

iMiNUS D Minute Monday

The Wheel Talk compound keeps looking better and better.

via IMD

Stevie Gee prints

Some really awesome prints just became available over at Stevie Gee’s web store. Each one is printed on acid free paper, individually signed and embossed. The lettering is done by hand so each one is slightly different.

Available here

Last Day of Zlog Boutique sale

Tonight at midnight is when the Dead Prez sale ends so head over to the Zlog Boutique and grab some tees and stickers.

Christian Hamrick

We know he rips up Kansas City on a freestyle bike, but this video is all about the track cruising. It has a real good artsy vibe and I love that GT GTB frame.

Brazil Critical Massacre

Tragedy struck a Critical Mass ride in Alegre, Brazil when a motorist ran over the entire group of riders and then fled the scene. The video footage is horrifying and shows the car plow through the crowd of cyclists, leaving a chewed up pile of riders and bikes in its wake.

As for my own thoughts on the matter, I am at a loss for words. Ride safe.

Wolfdrawn Single Spotter II

Always fresh.

From Wolfdrawn.

Capitol Hill Session

Jacob, Chris and myself went out for a little shred session the other day on my home turf of Capitol Hill. Jacob and I took turns with the camera, and Chris continue to perfect his tire slides on the ledge by the stair set. These last few dry days have me really stoked for spring.

More photos over at my flickr.

Lunch Sessions

Joe Kay and Matt Reyes shredding up Morgan Hill skatepark. There is a lot of good stuff in here considering it was all shot while on lunch break.

via Slumworm

Wrahw Witchtape 4

Torey took a bunch took a bunch of clips, threw them into a blender and here is how it turned out. Approved!

NYC, Philly, Baltimore, Long Beach, Atlanta
Participants: Tom Lamarche, Ryan Revell, Mike Schmitt, Brendan Siltman, Kareem Shehab, Colin Foster, Matt Spencer, Joe Notte, John Cahill, Sean Coats, Ed Laforte, Julio Betancourt, Corey San Agustin, Justin Congo Mitchell, and James Martin

via Wrahw

Burning Velodrome

The velodrome was named after German racer Walter Rütt. As the video shows, Rütt Arena burned to the ground in 1931. It was Berlin’s most famous track of its time. Such a shame to see something like that go up in flames.

Video courtesy of

My Kind of Bingo

With beautifully designed score cards and a 14 bike co. ESB up for grabs, this is sure to be an exciting game of bingo.

View the details at Fixed&What.

Phoenix X Wolfdrawn straps

These Phoenix straps look great! Pre order over at Wolfdrawn.

Jakob Santos Testing the LDG Kaos

via Livery Design Gruppe

Skullyboom Team Video

Pretty slick stuff from the portable speaker company Skullyboom. This reminds me, the Zlog X Skullyboom sb1’s are on sale in the boutique so go pick one up. I only have a few left!

All-City 14mm hubs and splined sprocket

just caught these pictures on Prolly of some new All-City fixed freestyle stuff for 2011. This is the first time I’ve seen the hubs and im really liking the look of em’. Big ol’ axles, big ol’ flanges and black. Im sure some more info on these parts will be up on the All-City blog next week.

Colin Heggarty for Titanic Clothing

Here is a new big bike edit with a huge banger at the end.

seen at The-Rise

Everybody Bikes Grand Opening Tomorrow

Check it out San Franciscans.

ZLOG Reppin – Loop Magazine Issue 8

I was flipping through the new Loop mag and noticed some people repping some Zlog Gear. I am always stoked to see people sporting my designs.

If you have some photos reppin Zlog don’t hesitate to send them to zloginfo(at)

Pedal it Don’t Push it

Breakbrake17 is hosting a fixed gear freestyle trick competition in Taipei on March 20th. Nasty will be making an appearance which means there will be some serious shredding.

Stolen in Seattle – Mayor’s Whip Gets Nabbed

Our mayor Mike McGinn ( @mayormcginn ) was the victim of bicycle theft on Wednesday after he rode his wife’s GT hybrid bike to work. Mayor McGinn has been a great bicycle advocate for the city so keep a lookout for his bike.

This Stranger cover of the mayor comes from our friend Kyle Johnson.

Pedal Hard Grand Opening

Sacramento cats be sure to check this out!

God Bless Losers

Here is a video that does a great job of showing what it is like to be a bike messenger in Milano, Italy.

by First Floor Under. Seen at 14bike co blog

21st Avenue Bicycles

The Portland shop that is good at being awesome.