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When a bicycle becomes the main mode of transportation a certain level of preparedness is necessary. There are many undesirable situations that can arise when on a long ride or commuting. There is no way to predict what will happen, but having the right tools to efficiently fix the problem is the key to having a stress free ride. I picked up some essential accessories from Avenir that I carry with me to easy my mind about any trouble that I might come across on the road.

First item I grabbed was the Cinco De Fixie wrench. It is a combo of 14 & 15mm wrench, bottle opener, chain whip and lockring tool. Something like this is handy for the average fixed gear rider.

Lights are always important and are a requirement in most places after the sun goes down. Most small LED lights are good enough to increase visibility, but on dark streets they provide almost no illumination to the road. That can result in hitting a pothole or debris in the road. After blindly riding down the curvy cliff-side road of Interlaken at night I immediately realized the need for lights with some wattage. I grabbed the City Light combo, which cuts through the darkness like a champ.

A good pump is hard to find, and changing a flat on the go is never fun, but with the right pump it can be quick and painless. I suggest getting  patch kit, a spare tube, and a travel pump for long rides to avoid being stranded with a flat tire far from home. With that said, this MTB shock pump is the best travel pump I have ever used. It has a heavy duty braided steel hose, with a high pressure gauge. The pressure release button ensures the air will make it into your tire with minimal air loss. The main thing I like about this pump is that it screws onto the valve stem. It works so much better then most clamp styles, which often pop off the valve when the pressure gets into the higher digits.

These are just a few things that can make life easier on the road, so pick up the essentials and get used to toting them around. Avenir makes just about everything which can be ordered through your local bike shop.

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  1. MaximumMatt

    Does the pump work with presta and shrader?

  2. Zach Bossington

    Good question. It is meant for schrader being a MTB pump, but a Presta to Schrader adapter can be found at most bike shops for about a dollar.

  3. mason

    The cinco de fixie tool is terrible. I bought it hoping to save on buying a lockring tool and chainwhip, but the links from the chainwhip push the lockring tool out too far to be effective, and the handle is too short and uncomfortable to make the chainwhip effective. This tool only works good as a wrench or bottle opener.

  4. Fr13dg0ld

    I have that chain whip/bottle opener/lockring wrench and from experience it kinda sucks at taking off lock rings. The chain links on the wrench make it kinda hard to get a good hold on the lock ring…

  5. Kevin

    This is post oddly written. Payola?

  6. Zach Bossington

    No I didn’t get paid.

  7. Zach Bossington

    i’m still poor, don’t worry

  8. dontcoast

    Avenir is Raleigh America’s accessory and component brand.

    Most of their stuff sucks, some is pretty good (ergo grips, adjustable stems and comfort bike saddles come to mind as highlights though…)

    Shock pump as your main pump? Really?

    Theyre based in Kent, WA so looks like they are supporting the locals.
    But while you didn’t get paid, I assume you didn’t pay for these tools either.

  9. dontcoast

    and FWIW it’s probably good to throw a reminder to carry this stuff, in case theres people new to commuting etc. reading it, so it can’t hurt.

    Now let’s see a plug for Pedro’s tire levers!

  10. Zach Bossington

    Dontcoast, you are right on the money. Avenir makes a ton of stuff, and a lot of it isn’t for me, but the things I pointed out are products that would likely speak to the people that read the site. I do my best not to push stuff on people, but instead offer up some info and let people decide for themselves. The feedback is good and I think it helps the consumer decide what they should and shouldn’t purchase. And yes, the shock pump is my main travel pump, I of course have a floor pump too. Thanks for the comments dontcoast!

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