Product Review: POW gloves

POW sent over a few riding gloves for us to check out and I must say, they make some quality hand-wear. There are many uses for gloves when it comes to riding, but the main two are grip and warmth. Palms get hot and sweaty while riding, so the gloves need to be breathable, flexible, and must offer good grip. Fixed gear freestylers often wear gloves to combat sweaty palms. The last thing someone would want is their hand to slip off the handlebars when attempting to land a trick. Other riders prefer to keep their drop bars unwrapped for aesthetic purposes and gloves are handy in that case as well. Being that it is cold and rainy this time of year in Seattle, gloves are a necessity for anyone planning on riding comfortably throughout the dreary season.

First up are the Rake gloves. They feature a mesh fabric in a plaid pattern on the backhand, which offer the best ventilation out of the 3 gloves we reviewed. The tacky palms give them a excellent grip and a bit of cushion. These are not the most ideal for cold weather, as the wind cuts right through the fabric. I suggest using them when windchill is not a factor.

Second up is the Skinny. The name says it all. They are a slim fitting and very light weight gloves with an elastic wrist band that easily slides over the hand without any velcro or closure device. The sticky grip print offers great consistent grip, which are sure keep hands stuck to the handlebars where they belong.

The Mob glove is the most interesting out of the bunch, which is due to the carbon fiber knuckle guards. They are no doubt modeled after Keirin racing gloves, but with the everyday rider in mind. Keirin gloves can be as pricey as $300 dollars. Pow offers a cheaper and less bulky alternative. Made from goat leather, these gloves do a good job defending against cold winds. The carbon will protect the knuckle from whatever obstacles one might face. The Mob gloves would have came in handy for Tyler Johnson. He recently severed a tendon in his hand when his knuckle met an uncapped bar-end. The bar sliced through his glove and it filled with blood before realizing he was injured.

Lastly, I want to mention a feature apparent on the Mob and Rake. They both have ventilated inner-finger panels. This allows for controlled ventilation by simply tightening or relaxing ones grip. When the fingers are relaxed and slightly spread apart, air is allowed to pass through the glove. When fingers are clenched into a fist, the vents become blocked and heat can be trapped for better heat management. It is a very nice touch that one might not notice until riding into a bitter headwind.

I am very pleased that I got to play around with so many cool gloves. I never before realized how much variety is out there. Go over to POW gloves and find a pair that matches your style.

Thanks to Anthony for being a gracious hand model.

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  1. Jake

    Sick shots! That’s rad that you guys rocked the MOB gloves for urban riding…it’s true though, city obstacles are no less dangerous than big mountain trees ;)

  2. Henny

    Thanks Zach for this write up, Ive been looking for some Winter riding gloves. I will run over to there site and pick up a pair..

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