Carlpreme’s Nemesis Project Steveland Cleaner

Photos by Carlpreme

This is a mean rig! Nemesis Project continues to dominate the American handmade fgfs game and the Steveland Cleaner 26″ specific frame is no exception. I cannot believe the amount of toe clearance with 175mm cranks.

The wait for a Nem-Pro can be quite long, but definitely worth the wait for something handcrafted in the States. Check in with them at the Nemesis Project facebook.

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  1. brad

    Wait times are gonna go down really quick , we have allot more space to build frames now !
    Got something new for you really soon :)

  2. Zach Bossington

    Yea I heard you got a new warehouse. Congrats. I hope you guys get these things cranked out.

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