Chris Clappé bike check

Everyone’s favorite butcher, Chris Clappé has been putting so much new stuff on his bike it is hard to keep track, so I had him update me with his current parts. I snapped this photo of him posing so thuggish next to his whip. Check out the specs below to see what stuff he is running.

Frame: All-City defwish size Small
bb17 fork
Eclat stem
Sadio hotbars with cult gum grips
Premium seat
700c mtx’s laced to All-City hubs with a continental 47c in the back and a kenda 2.0 in the front.
37t all-city sprocket, profile cranks, duo pedals with holdfasts.

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  1. gus

    premium seats are the truth!

  2. Bat

    Chris, what’s your ratio?

  3. butcher

    37×15 right now but its a little spinny for me. been to lazy to pick up a 14t

  4. Pete

    Front 2.0 equals to 54c, no?? Max in the rear is, 47c?

  5. chris butcher

    im riding the medium now and I have a 2.1(54c) in the front and 2.0(50c) in the back.

  6. Rick J

    Is that the color you get if you sandblast the frame?

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