Jordo Testing Redline Urbis Nox Handlebars

Redline wanted us to check out the new Redline Urbis Nox handlebars to see how they would hold up and I couldn’t think of anyone better than Jordan White (aka @stillridindirty for you tweeters) to test them out. He rides hard and he seems to always be breaking parts left and right, whether it be wheels, straps, or frames. He is on his second Charge frame (which is already cracked after weeks of riding). We have always joked that he would make a great product tester, and now we are putting him to work. Along with the Nox bars, he is rocking Redline lock-on grips, which do a good job of keeping them where they need to be and not allowing the grips to migrate up on the bars. Made with fairly light steel and heat-treated for extra strength and stiffness. They have a BMX clamp diameter (22.2), a 3.5″ rise, with a slight back-sweep, and have a unique shape due to their curved crossbar.

Whether you like the look of these bars or not, they definitely have some character to them. Have your local bike shop contact Seattle Bike Supply for more order information.

Full Specs:
Redline Urbis Nox Handlebar
3.5” rise
10 Degree back sweep/ 2 Degree up sweep
1.6 Heat treated chromoly with welded crossbar
635 mm (25”) Wide
Fits BMX stems
E.D. Black Finish
MSRP $44.99

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  1. Jordo

    They’re pretty inexpensive and super comfy when cruising around from spot to spot.

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