Josh Boothby

Some really good riding starting around the 1:30 mark. I was really hoping to see him stick that curved wallride, and that last line was hot fire!

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  1. Tyler Johnson

    Last Line made this edit! Dope

  2. Jordo

    so clean.

  3. ptCT


  4. Forest Parker

    Ill say it again.. that last line, Fuck! and the 360 nose piv too, dam.

  5. dude

    hrm so wonka says no straps is like skating mongo, so what is one strap considered? dope nonetheless

  6. jason

    riding strapless takes skill.. if riding strapless is like skating mongo. fgfs is like rollerblading in skateboarders eyes.. go ride your bike.. squiks rips on whatever he is riding.

  7. ptCT

    ^Dudes deep.

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