Jruff’s 26″ Charmer on 26’s

Jacob had been riding 700c’s his 26″ Charmer (yes the clearances are that good) and we felt it was necessary to put on 26’s to see how it handled with the appropriate wheel size. Besides the wheel being a little too far back in the dropouts (we could have taken a few chain links out), the bike seemed pretty proportionate with smaller wheels.

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  1. bubble

    looks better on 700c haha

  2. JRuff

    Just to make sure it’s clear, the 26″ charmers for sale will not have the same clearance as these samples do! Keep your eyes peeled though!

  3. jmd

    Check out that look of pure bike adoration.

  4. TT

    looks way nicer on the 29er joints. filled out like a smooth lady.

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