Mike Schmitt for Burro

Photos by Corinne Stoll

Here is Mike sporting his Burro Rolltop and Grime G.O.A.T. patch. He also has a little to say about the bike scene overseas.

yo yo yo.
my ankle is fucked and i am in Bangkok riding. mad kids are stoked about my straps, the fixed scene here is bigger than anywhere in the US.

-Mike Schmitt

via Burro

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  1. brrrrr

    Where is that shirt from?

  2. dontcoast

    americans don’t know how to do shit together.

  3. Alex

    where can i find that jacket hes wearing?! SO LEGIT!

  4. shaeshdfeeshd

    the jacket is Chari N Co NYC (says on the label on the back of the shoulder)
    but the bike-gang back-patch is DIY (you could say custom, limited edition, exclusive, whatev)
    G.O.A.T. crew only… gotta start your own bike gang.

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