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I’m really excited to share my newest build, the Breakbrake17 26er Charmer (on 29ers). I’ve been fortunate to have the support from Yang and BB17 for nearly 1 year now and I am very grateful to have been able to work on the Charmer frames and other parts. With all of the hype around negative bottom brackets I decided it was time to give a spin. As most everyone who has switched has commented, the raised center of gravity takes a few pedals to settle in to. A change in 5.5cm makes a drastic difference. Apart from that however, the 26er still has the same solid clearance as the original Charmer and rolls just as smooth. The higher bb does necessitate taller bars in order to off set the higher seat. Against the guidance of some of the Zlog crew I sought out some 4″ Immortis Bucket Bars. Torey seemed to get down with them and their cruiser style for some reason appealed to me. Definitely the stiffest handlebars i’ve ridden. The narrow cross bar and back sweep also required some getting used to. Apart from that, I’m running a slotted 14mm axle on 14mm dropouts (weight savings) that will soon be replaced by an appropriate hub and axle combo. Also, riding an Unknown chainring and a cushy set of Phoenix v2 straps. Also, the Premium pivotal was the best investment of $25 hands down. Thanks to all those who supported the build and my daily enjoyment on it.

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  1. felix dol

    you stole my idea for the phoenix sticker on the wheel haha !!!

    anyway such a sick build good job !

  2. swoo

    Looks great Jacob!!

  3. Max

    Hey man, a bog standard request here, but could you take a pic to show the toe clearance? Cheers homie!

    Looks sweet!

  4. ptCT

    This looks super tight dude! Kudos.

    Your going to stir up a whole new type of hate; “Dude, thats a 26′er bike, who rides that on 29?!? Wahhh!”

  5. JRUFF

    Do what you want and what you like. Don’t stress it.

  6. Tyler Johnson

    JRUFF SAID IT ^^^^^^^^^^

  7. prolly

    solid bike JRuff. The nicest bike for the nicest guy.



    Nice Build! Great bars..

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