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Take a look at the new television series Triple Rush. The show focuses on three very different courier companies in New York City who put their lives on the line to deliver packages. Don’t miss the Travel Channel premiere on April 14th. I was able to screen the first episode early and it is definitely worth checking out.

Beginning Thursday, April 14 at 10 p.m., three unique courier companies take viewers along on the harrowing rides of adrenaline-driven peddlers. These urban nomads offer passionate, first-person accounts of their New York City, while ingesting toxic car exhaust, facing mindless pedestrians, battling careless cabdrivers and suffering the consequences of a late delivery.

Where time is money, and risk often greater than reward, most messengers earn less than $10 a ride to feed their fast lifestyles. It’s the sense of freedom, the thrill of danger, the camaraderie of fellow riders and the physical rush that keeps these men and women on the job.

The premiere episode starts with photos of a fallen rider as the owner of Breakaway Couriers, the largest service in the city, shares the brutal truth with his new hires – that death is only one wrong turn away. At Quick-Track, a small family-owned business, a dispatcher who prides himself on treating messengers well quickly turns on a rider who loses an important document. Mess Kollective, a young start-up with just four employees, rounds out the cast of companies as the small firm struggles to compete in this urban jungle with no office and no dispatchers, but more than enough drive.

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  1. Lucky

    are these bikes all fixies?

  2. Zach Bossington

    I doubt that everyone on the show rides a fixed gear, but from the first episode I noticed more were riding fixed than road bikes.

  3. linda

    wonderful, another show about NYC…um, what does this have to do with travel?? are they that desperate? Trust me, I LUV NYC, but yet ANOTHER show filmed in NYC=lame.

  4. tamara

    actually, very few were riding fixed gears, they were riding single speeds….evidenced by the coasting.

  5. Grady

    Where are the UAVs – the ‘Urban Assault Vehicles’? Personally, I ride a ‘tank’ – MTB/”FSR” >30 lbs., rugged, survivable, and well-worth the weightiness if you’ve got the gams. Nails, curbs, etc.; but, hey, if they wanna ride toothpicks, their choice.

  6. Zach Bossington

    Tanks over toothpicks, i like it!

  7. Chris Goodman

    Yo, seriously the rest of season is up on Hulu! Just a friendly heads up. I wonder why it took so damn long.

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