Daniel Velasco King of Mountain at Hamilton

Daniel has been focusing on road racing and is doing really well. He moved up to Cat 3 and is well on his way to the two’s. He is now on Team Mike’s Bikes and took a big win last week at Mt. Hamilton. Check out his recap of the race. Congrats buddy!

I had been looking forward to this race for a few weeks. I even did some course reconnaissance last weekend which definitely helped out.

After the neutral lead out motorcycle gave us the signal to begin racing a quick but comfortable pace was established up the first 10 or so miles of the climb. After two, quick descents we were at the base of the “real climb” which I believe is about 7 miles to the summit.

My first goal was to win the KOM (King of the mountain), just to see where my climbing abilities stacked up against the field. After about a mile or so up the climb the selection began and the field was stringing out a bit. With what I’m guessing was about 4 or 5 miles to go to the summit I decided to get up front and push the pace. Soon after that I had just two left on my wheel. With about 400 meters to go to the summit I attacked my break mates and got the KOM. I regrouped with my two break mates and we began the descent. We had a decent gap.

photos by David Cheung

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  1. alle

    fuck yeah daniel! you kick so much ass…

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