Reaper Hell Hound

The minds behind Nemesis Project bring us a new project called Reaper. Produced in Taiwan. Not much information right now but we will sure to have more details in the near future.

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  1. Dan Arel

    oh like the Leader Reaper fork? almost the same logo too. original!

  2. Zach Bossington

    Haha, quit bitching Dan. Logos are not even close and the name Reaper is nothing new. Remember the frame that went with the Reaper fork aka the ‘Shadow’ was close enough to get a cease and desist from Shadow Conspiracy. Some things are just coincidence. Write it off as ‘great minds think alike’.

  3. Tyler Johnson

    Remember what the shadows first name was going to be…. Reaper. Didn’t do it cause there is already a bmx frame called the reaper haha

  4. jay

    i put a photo of this frame on top of the unkown frame… same exact thing

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    [...] was see this picture from ZLOGBLOG, and this prototype frame was belong from SCHMICK Bike Shop In [...]

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