Vee Rubber 29er

When I was in Minneapolis staying with Jeff from All-City he brought home two of these sample Vee Rubber ATOM tires that he got from work. When I was first saw them I couldnt believe it, its the perfect 29er tire that i’ve been lookin for. They are a pretty true to size 2.1 and thats perfect for up front on my bike. I prefer to run a little smaller on the back. I’ve been running this tire since I got it a couple months back and I have no complaints whatsoever. Real solid tire, great tread, and perfect size. Apparently Jeff knows nothing about this tire because it was sent to the QBP offices as a sample. If your stoked on this tire I would e-mail the guys at Vee Rubber about it and tell them to start producing it. Best 29er/700c tire i’ve ridden by far and I think most people who are still on big boy tires would agree.

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  1. kris

    Oh I want!

  2. ptCT

    Looks kind of similar to the Intense MK2 tire I am loving on. Except the wheelsize, of course :p

  3. jmik

    ohhhh i soooo want these….

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  5. Corey San Agustin

    ever since i saw yours in Milwaukee I’ve wanted this tire. definitely the best 2.1 street tire i’ve seen. Now only if they made a 2.0 for the rear.

  6. Sol Smith

    I was actually pretty disappointed when i saw this post that it didnt come with a link to purchase please please get this tire made i want to ride it so baddddddddd maineeeeeee :P

  7. Chris Butcher

    e-mail that company and tell em that shits fire and you want it made. the more people that email them, the more likely they would produce it.

  8. Preston Fray

    Hello, My name is Preston with Vee Rubber. The former name of this tire was Atom but we have recently renamed it Speedster. We currently manufacture this tire in 29×2.10 and 29×2.30. We also make it in a 26″. If you would like to purchase this tire please contact QBP and inquire with them on availability through your local bike shop. We are currently manufacturing this tire. Any questions feel free to ask. Thanks, Preston.

  9. Zach Bossington

    Yes! Thanks Preston!

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