Vince Perry and Alex Garrett – SUP

Hahaha, these dudes are dope. They come out to Future Tense and switch off skating and riding fixed freestyle. So stoked they put an edit together. Vince has some goofy shit to say in the middle that had me cracking up. Alex has some nice fixed gear lines at the end so check it.

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  1. RAD

    yo the homies doin it clean and right. vince got that can do anything mind and livin. Respect! Alex goin big on that tree and makin those smoothies look like hes skatin on ice! HOLLA! SWAG! SWAG SWAG!

  2. ALEX

    damn thanks zach!!! we cant wait for the next future tense!!

  3. Nelson

    Nose Manuals up the tree!!!

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  5. chris butcher

    where are those ledges that are at the 5:05 mark??

  6. ALEX

    chris those are in magnolia thats the cities first skate dot thing after they tore down seaskate. thanks bill gates!!

  7. ALEX

    …on 28th behind the big abandoned school

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