Dun’ Shredded-Holdfast FRS

When I first saw these straps at Interbike a couple years ago I was kind of hesitant to give them a try because I had been riding clips and straps since I got into fixed gears. After talking to Jeremiah from Holdfast for a while about em’ I decided I would give them a try. Now after riding these straps for the last 2 years they look and feel even better than the first day I put them on my bike. I really love how comfortable they are now, and the faded florescent yellow is sick. I’ve met all the guys from Holdfast and they are all real cool and down to earth, not to mention they all shred. With most of the bikes, and bike parts in fgfs being made overseas why not buy something thats made in America and made by people who are into the same type of riding that we are.

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  1. Shane

    better yet, buy some hand made locally here in Seattle! ;) http://www.staygoldfrs.com

  2. prolly


  3. andrewG

    I love my Stay Gold straps!
    The Hold Fast pair I own are nice, too, but I couldn’t harass Josh enough to make me another pair of Stay Gold straps. Check ‘em out!

  4. Bogus

    STAYGOLD. Don’t these people know what’s up?

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