700c dont limit Joe

Matt Spencer snapped these photos of Joe McKeag getting up and over a large Leader Mordecai. Joe is definitely repping hard for that 29′er crowd and making it look good. To celebrate how good Joe looks, Wolfdrawn is selling the ‘700c dont limit me’ tees for dirt cheap.

On sale at Wolfdrawn’s web store.

Go get em!

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  1. frank

    Can anyone say what frame Joe is riding?
    And what size and how tall he is?


  2. Zach Bossington

    I think he is riding an Unknown now, not sure what size. He is probably 5″10, or around there.

  3. Daood

    I asked him today and he said he is riding an Unknown 29er prototype built by Destroy bicycles to his specs. Looked dope, as did Danimal’s 29er.

  4. frank


  5. frank

    I mean.. Thanks!

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