Do It Your Damn Self- Ikea couch grind box

Heres our second major addition to the ZLOG DIY spot. This shitty couch from Ikea was dumped at our spot along with some arm chairs and a big ass tv so we decided we would make something useful out of the couch because it has a surprisingly sturdy frame. After totally stripping the couch and knocking the arms off, Jruff and tyler got plywood for the back of the couch and a piece of angle iron for the top of it. We also added a heavy ass door where the cushions would be for a manual pad and to weigh it down so it wont fall over while grinding. After a little added structural support this thing is ready to go. If anyone has good ideas for additions to the spot please let me know. thanks

The top picture of the couch is from the ikea website because I forgot to take a picture of it before we tore it apart.

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  1. TT

    Siiiick. Gotta get out there.

  2. Ryan "Ice Cold" C.

    This rules! Pole-jam? I can email ideas on how to make it work.

  3. heath

    oh shit this spot is looking dope. we should definitely hit it up next time i’m in town.

  4. chris butcher

    Yes!! polejam! I tried one already but it didnt work out. how would I make the pole jam with a straight pipe? shoot me some ideas at chrisclappe@gmail

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