Gus’ SE 26″ proto.

Gus just got his new Se prototype built up and its looking very nice. I love the 4″ handlebars with no crossbar, and the best seat ever made. It looks like he’ll have alot more room to throw that thing around with the shorter seat tube and what looks to be a pretty damn short rear end. Lookin good dude!

saw it on RECFAIL

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  1. Tyler Johnson

    Yea this thing looks sick. Pumped to see what gus does on it!

  2. Terrry

    Wow. No offense but this is starting to look like a bmx frame.

  3. FInn

    gus built this yup proper, but i wouldn’t be able to ride that type of frame.

  4. Eilif Knutson

    my poor knees couldnt handle this bike.

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