Product Review – Boombotix BB2

The speaker company formally known as Skullyboom, now known as Boombotix, sent us one of their new BB2 speaker units to test out. I was pleased with the first version, but the BB2 outdoes the last by cutting the cord. Bluetooth, being the key new feature, makes it very easy to stream music from a device such as an iphone straight to the speaker without the need of a wire. Further improving upon it’s predecessor, the BB2 has an upgraded audio jack, which is less likely to malfunction. It is a handy little speaker that really delivers some quality sound.

If you are a fan of the last model and are looking for wireless connectivity then get yourself a BB2.
$64.99 at Boombotix

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  1. Max Jennings

    Sick review guys. There is FOR SURE a roach wedged into the asphalt. Little puff puff with some music eh?

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