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Liberty Bottleworks is a maker of fine drinking receptacles with quite the laundry list of features. They make the only metal water bottle in the United States, their bottles are 100% recycled and recyclable, BPA and EA free, and made in Washington state in a green factory (to top it all off). I am all for American factories (dying breed) and green thinking, which makes Liberty an easy company to love. They sent over two of their stock bottles, a 32oz and a 24oz bottle for us to check out. The cap is a patent pending technology which allows quick access to your water with only a quarter turn. It easily pops off an on, but be careful to hear the click or else you might get some unnecessary spillage. Not only do they make a pretty advanced U.S.-made bottle, but they also do custom orders with state of the art printers that offer almost limitless color and graphic quality. With all technical jargon aside, I have really enjoyed my bottles. It is a step up from the plastic bottle I used previously and the lack of threads on the mouth make for a pleasurable drinking experience. I’ve dropped one a few times while riding and there is hardly a mark on it, which I think is worth mentioning as well.

MSRP is $16 (24oz) and $18 (32oz)

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We are the only food grade tested water bottle on the market and we exceed FDA requirements. Our printing is done with one of a kind printers. We are literally the only ones with this technology. Instead of screenprinting, we print digitally with limitless colors, and the end result is a textured and embossed surface. It’s awesome, you can feel the lines in the design. We have a patented thread less lid that uses 1/4 turn technology so no endless turning of the cap. Like I said, we are BPA and EA free. Recent research shows that even BPA free plastics can contain the hormone interrupter EA. Our bottles are lined with PureShield, which is a flexible food grade coating that makes for a non-porous surface. I can easily say that we produce the safest water bottle on the market.

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  1. heath

    hell yeah. liberty bottle works out of my hometown yakima wa!!!

  2. Allie

    awesome article! thanks!

  3. gracie

    My bottle arrived late, and it has leaked since day 1. Any suggestions?

  4. Zach Bossington

    You might try contacting them and see if they can send you a replacement.

  5. Kaci

    Amazing product! I was so impressed with the quality of my bottle, I made a second Liberty bottle purchase, for a gift, from and asked if it could be shipped in time for a going away party. To my delight, it came sooner than I’d expected. There was, however, a slight blur in the print. I called to let them know as well as give praise for their quick shipping. They were so understanding and said they’d be happy to print a new one and ship it out! The way this Washington local company works impressed me in a big way from their product to their service. They’ve got a return customer out of me for life. In time, I imagine almost everyone I know will be gifted a bottle from this model company. Bravo!!!!!!

  6. Scott

    I love my bottle, I have a customized one from a local brewery.

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