Yerson’s RYD Conflict bike check

Yerson Varela sent over photos of his new RYD setup and it is looking good!

keep reading for the parts list and more photos.

Frame: ryd conflict
Fork: ryd havoc v2
Bars: BreakBrake17
Rims: ryd meats
Hubs: ryd beast hubs
Sprocket: tree light
Tires: graffiti WTB’s
Bars: BB17
Seat: ryd throne seat
Stem: SX

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  1. reubadoob

    I’m looking for some new pedals & straps? What’s he got on there?

  2. Stevenson

    So is this guy sponsored?

  3. Zach Bossington

    Ya sponsored by RYD it looks like

  4. Johnny Ovall

    Yeah he’s RYD flow

  5. AR

    What is the size of that frame? S or M

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