Instant Flash Back – Sam Miller

If you haven’t already, head over to Prolly is not Probably & check out an exclusive edit of Tom La Marche by Skitch Clothing. What is it now, almost 5 years? One of the Godfathers of FGFS, still murdering shit. Honest truth, when I saw Skitch & Tom’s curved wall ride in that edit, I instantly had a flash back to Sam Miller’s curved wall ride in Bootleg Sessions V2. If you knew Fixed Freestyle then, you should know where it’s heading now. Same: 360’s, Curved Wall Rides, Feeble 3s, Tree Rides Etc.. Just bigger, better & smoother. In no way am I saying Sam’s not smooth because you know he is, haha. Fixed Freestyle in my eyes has always been within the drive train, not the size of the wheel, tire or frame. When it all comes down to it, we’re still having a good time, doing what ever it is we want to do on these bikes. Hate it or love it, FGFS aint going nowhere. If you’re looking into getting into riding Fixed Freestyle, I recommend looking into the roots first: You know what’s good.

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  1. Zach Bossington

    He happens to live in Seattle now. I gotta get him on a bike and make him ride with us.

  2. woopwoopswag


  3. Marcus

    Us as us right? Because I need to ride Seattle too! haha.

  4. stevenj

    damn ive rode bmx with him years ago haha

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