Dalston Superstars – Christmas Special

The best pseudo-reality show on the web, Dalston Superstars, has currently released a very lovely Christmas episode filled with sex, drugs and tinsel. Not only is the show super hilarious (#gaddafi), but they also are down with Zlog. In several episodes the Schooner beanie is being sported. Check it out!

If you haven’t been keeping up with the show head over to Vice and watch the previous episodes.

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  1. florian

    dope! when will these be up for sale again?

  2. Jerry

    Dude, dont you get it?
    They are making fun of your brand. This show is a joke

  3. Zach Bossington

    Believe it or not the people are actually real and I know a couple of them, which is why they support the brand on the episodes. It is a satirical show making fun of most ‘reality tv’, which is what you should take away from it.

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