Introducing: BALHOGS

BALHOGS first edit featuring Sam Hanson, Torey Thornton, Mike Schmitt, Colin Foster, and myself( Chris Clappe’). Im real excited about everyones riding in this because I think it brings a little something diff. to the fixed game. Also excited for the BALHOGS products that are in the works. Keep your eyes on for new products including the grip strip.

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  1. Sol Smith

    Chris you are one of my favorite riders the tire slide of the pole and wheelie up the blocks made me rewind so many times! SOLO EDIT PLEASE!

  2. Chris butcher

    Thanks sol! youve got some sick moves too. Im Working on a Holdfast solo right now

  3. Finn

    fuck yeah this shit rules, always sick to see stuff from you chris.

  4. Sol Smith

    sick! cant wait to see it

  5. chris butcher

    Thanks Finn!

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