Jakob, Josh & Torey NY Riding

This footy has gotta be super old, but it is still pretty dope. There are a lot of clean shots and big tricks from mostly Boothby and Santos, but Torey has some good cuts as well. Chris Fonseca is released this video as his final video contribution to the fixed freestyle movement.

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  1. Meadows

    Good edit. From what I heard this footage is super old. I guess they went to NY to film with Fonseca and during filming he said that he didn’t want to film biking anymore. He didn’t like how it was BMX on a big bike. Jakob told me that he was suppose to have edited awhile ago but when he tried he couldn’t do it.

  2. Zach Bossington

    Yea I talked to Fonseca a while back, after Revoked dropped and he said he was kinda “over it”. I think it was kinda weird that he said that during a time when stuff started popping off for fgfs. Oh well…

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