Jefferson Park – Beacon Hill’s new skatepark

I heard some rumors about a new skate park in Beacon Hill so Alex Garrett and I went to check it out. It didn’t look open to the public, but were able to “bypass” some construction fences and enjoy a little shred session before the sun went down (that’s like 4:00pm this time of year). I did notice there were bike racks along the outside of the park which hopefully equals bike-friendliness.

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The street section looks pretty promising.

An odd broken-eggshell type dish in the middle.

The bowls were huge and flowed nicely.

The view of the Seattle skyline isn’t bad either.

Besides being next to the driving range (mind the golf balls), I gotta say this park is a dream come true for 206 shredders.

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  1. shad

    Are bikes allowed?Ill be in Seattle the end of the month and wanna ride this!

  2. Zach Bossington

    No word yet, but I hope so.

  3. Josh

    Siiiiiiick so stoked to ride this!

  4. heath

    oh man oh man oh man! this looks sick, imma have to take the train up there one day and shred it with you fools.

  5. Seabaker

    Get those pegs out of the park. No BMX, build your own parks

  6. Zach Bossington

    That’s not a BMX and bikes are welcome at the park just as much as skaters are. Quit hating and go ride all the other skate-specific parks in Seattle if you have a problem with it.

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