Spike 2 Piece bars

I’ve been riding the Spike 2 piece bars for a good month now and have to say that I’m really satisfied with how they came out.

The changes made to the v2 style were great improvements. The back sweep at 12˚ is pretty aggressive at a first glance but only took a day to adjust to. They come in a massive 29″ width. Really comfy uncut however I took off a half inch on either side. There are convenient notches on either end to guide your cuts. The 1.5˚ up sweep combined with 4.5″ rise give a great ride as well. Also, you really can’t go wrong with chrome. I think that most if not all of the team is riding them.

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  1. How much?

    How much are these shipped to California?

  2. Jruff

    Typically $70. depends where in the state.

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