Kashimax rain tail

This is a great idea! best looking fender i’ve seen for sure. pick one up at Chari & Co.

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  1. RK

    Ooooff, sorry but i hate this.

  2. Tinj

    It looks cool but how much water is it really going to stop? Especially on a track bike with a jacked up seat post. Has anyone used it?

  3. Chris Butcher

    i always have a thin strip of mud/water going up my back from riding. this would help for sure. the fact that it contracts was the most appealing to me though.

  4. RK

    In my opinion a conversion with metal fenders is the way to go

    but yes, on a trackytrack bike this would probably help a little

  5. Zach Bossington

    could come in handy in a place like Seattle where it can unexpectedly rain at any moment. It probably isn’t the most effective, but it’s more useful than no fender at all. Just having a hidden fender that stays with the bike is a novel idea in itself.

  6. Sim Bone

    Smart idea! Would be great for Melbourne too, where we literally have 4 seasons in one day!

  7. dontcoast

    Pacific NorthWest:
    SpeedEZ road with full length buddy flaps ziptied on to the track bike.
    dry ass and feet FTW

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