Zlog Crew – Year In Review

This little video is like a 2011 scrapbook for ZLOG. All of us went through our old clips and tried to put together a sort of timeline for the past year. it probably has alot more meaning to me then it will to the average person but I think you will get it. Anyways, Im really thankful to have some cool dudes to ride with here in Seattle, and im gonna ride as much as I can in 2012, because we all know its our last year here on earth.

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  1. Finn

    there was a ton of good stuff in there

  2. Zach Bossington

    Showing em how it’s done since 2008!

  3. ZLOG Crew: Year In Review :: PEDAL Consumption

    [...] out this nice video Chris Clappe put together for the ZLOG crew using scraps clips over the past year. Previous post [...]

  4. Kevin

    super dope werd em up pacnorthwest doin it

  5. sol


  6. sam

    Soo good! Good tricks, good feel, good fun. Here’s to an awesome 2012 in Seattle and beyond.

  7. chris butcher

    Thanks Sam!

  8. scott

    What frame is Chris riding now? that seat tube looks so short.

  9. chris butcher

    Im riding a Holdfast frame. yeah, seat tube took some getting used to, but I like it now. next version will be taller

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