Here is a vid of the recent Paris comp that NUCULT hosted. You might recognize some of the same things from the Ninjas in Paris edit, but from a different perspective. Good stuff all around, but what is up with all of the peg stuff? Isn’t it supposed to be sans pegs?

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  1. bat howell

    about the “pegless” term.

    this indoor wood park is usually forbidden to bike with pegs.
    but for the 5th issue of this contest, pegs were authorized for this unique day.

    i think clandé & soundrack who organize it just keep the name of the contest coz many people know this event for many years.

  2. Zach Bossington

    Thanks for clarifying Bat! I like the idea of a true pegless jam, where people gotta grind pegless if they want to grind at all.

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