Tree 4130 Sprocket Fail

Daood posted this photo of a mangled tree sprocket. I have been interested in seeing how some of these solid steel sprockets perform, and this has been the first I’ve seen of the Tree 4130 sprocket failing. Daood is a grown-ass-man so I wouldn’t be too concerned if you’re an average sized rider and want to rock one of these guys.

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  1. Tyler Johnson

    What is this a gossip blog? Still waiting to hear how it broke before I dis-condone it.

  2. sizemore

    best looking sprocket on the market… still so into it!

  3. Jackson B

    I think that Tree specifically states that the 4130 sprocket isn’t intended for fixed riding.

  4. aj austin

    I agree with Jackson, I have that sprocket and its defined for lite park use. The stress a fixed drive train puts on a sprocket is crazy compared to a bmx. I’ve run my normal tree sprocket for 2 years and have no problems, sprocket stalls and all.

  5. daood

    I was doing a smith on the ledge in that pic @ 7th & mission. I was sketched about how thin the sprocket looked, but figured it was 4130 and Tree knows better than me. If they have that posted in the description it’s not for fixed use, I’ve never seen it. Although I ordered it through a distro, qbp or bti I think. Maybe I didn’t read carefuly enough. I also noticed a lot of play in the sprocket on the spindle. It looked sick, and I would like to try another 4130 sprocket. Mabye tree will warranty it with something approved for fixed?

  6. Snow

    Tree makes a top notch product, its no surprise that the
    ht sprocket didnt hold up to fgfs as its not really designed for it. Ive had my lite for three years and its solid.

  7. daood

    I would def ride the original splined (gonna avoid anything labelled “lite” from now on). I looked at their site, and it doesn’t say anything about not using it for fixed. I understand the concept of fgfs putting more stress on sprockets. I’m not here to bash Tree as a product. The reason I bought it in the 1st place is because of their quality products and good reputation. As a dealer, I’ve sold and recommended their sprockets. Hopefully they will warranty this. I plan on also
    trying their pegs and saddle.

  8. Snow

    Ya, they are top quality. I ran their stunt stump pegs before going plastic (they are now on my cult) and love em.

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