Chris Clappe’ Welcome To Holdfast

I’ve been on the Holdfast 29er since last winter and its the first time i’ve never wanted to change anything on a bike im riding. Heres a bunch of clips i’ve compiled since then. HOLDFAST

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  1. Alan

    Where is that little playground at 1:50ish?

  2. Tyler Johnson

    This came out sooo good. Awesome stuff chris!

  3. sol

    this made me so happy killer tire slides, pedalers and i wish i could tobogon ♥

  4. Jruff

    FInally! Glad you finally decided to share this with the rest of the world. So stoked on it!

  5. Chris Butcher

    thanks friends!

  6. Scott

    Just curious what you think about the smaller seat tube, Chris. Is there any advantage to having the tube so short and still jacking the seat up? Wouldn’t it be stronger with a longer tube?

  7. Chris Butcher

    HF ended up making the seat tube longer for the production bike. the only advantage i think is the stand over. I dont really know much about that stuff though. I just ride it

  8. sam

    @scott shorter tubes are stronger tubes, but the seat tube on the prototype chris was riding was too short and made the bike less stable. Raising it on the production model fixed that and there is still plenty of standover clearance. Lastly, Chris is king.

  9. Tyler Johnson

    Actually no it would not be stronger with a longer tube, if anything it’s stronger with a shorter tube (to an extent).

    The shorter seat tube allows them to make one size and have it fit a much larger range of riders, thus forcing some to run their set with a lot of seat post, or some can slam it and have tons of room.

  10. Scott

    Thanks guys! answered all of my questions. At first I thought it looked a little wonky, but I’m kinda coming around to the super compact, neg bb 29er. I would love to cruise around on one of these. any word on pricing?

  11. chris butcher

    its such a fun ride scott! rad city cruiser, and they are up for sale on the Holdfast website

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