Exclusive Look: Bombtrack Hubs

Bombtrack gave me the go-ahead to reveal their newly patented hub system. They have been in the works for quite a long time with Simon Andraca testing them. Now that they are patented, they will be put into production which should be finished and ready for distribution in late August or early September. Note that similar systems from other brands will be paying royalties to use this technology.

Hubs come as 9t or 10t option and in 3 to 4 colours – and fitting hubguards will be available of course. The release and shipment of the Bombtrack hub will be late august / early September 2012.

Rear Female 10t: 515g
Rear Regular Axle 10t: 501g
Rear Hubguard: 109g

Front Female: 318g
Front Regular Axle: 254g
Front Hubguard: 72g

Check the Radio Bikes Fixed Blog for future info!

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  1. jonathan davis

    man i want one soooooooo badd!!!!!

  2. stephen plante

    What? Wheres the polymer bushing’s. and they cant put there hub guards on correctly

  3. Luke Macfarlane

    Why have one company stymy progression and capitalize on exclusivity through patents? Do we really want our parts to be expensive, disposable, and non-user serviceable like Apple’s?
    Just a thought…

  4. Zach Bossington

    You must be a PC person.

  5. Luke Macfarlane

    Linux BRO!
    nah, I’m just talking loud on the internets. I’d hate to see all companies do this both for the sake of component interchangeability and general cost. We all just want asses in saddles and expensive, high-maintainence bikes won’t help that.

  6. shaeshdfeeshd

    luke y u no ride micro drive?

  7. Random dude

    Yall gonna be the US distributor? Do you take pre-orders? LImited availability? What da bizzniss is?

  8. Zach Bossington

    I looked into it, but distribution with this company would mean we’d have to import a whole ton of product (like entire shipping containers). ZLOG probably won’t be distributing, although I would be stoked to see these products in the USA.

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