Ride & Style 2012 – Tyler Johnson

Tyler took second at the Red Bull Ride & Style event and I am super stoked for him considering the intense level of competition that he faced. Tyler’s pedal feeble to 180 bar was, without a doubt, one of the most exciting tricks of the day. It is especially awesome if you know that it was the very first time that he had attempted the trick, let alone land it first try! Great work Tyler!

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  1. chris butcher

    see what you can do if you take off them training wheels

  2. Tyler Johnson

    That is why I love contests. The crowd and “pressure” allow you to not hesitate at all and just do shit. It’s the coolest feeling to ride and just know you got it even if you might not actually!

  3. Snow

    The pedal feeble 180 bar was easily the best trick in the whole comp..in my opinion.

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