Can’t Fool the Youth

Zane Meyers’ fixed gear freestyle video magazine has been premiering around the U.S. lately and I was one of the lucky few who got my hands on the DVD early. The main cast include Gus Molina, Josh Boothby, and Steven Jensen, but also has a bunch of clips from other riders as well. The thing that sets this video apart from most other videos are the interviews and documentary style filming. It isn’t trick after trick, there are people talking and doing day-to-day stuff too, which I enjoyed. Some non-riding highlights was John Watson’s interview, AJ Austin on conspiracies, as well as Gus at work as a telemarketer. Zane captures the good vibes of being a part of the culture, and most definitely captures top-level riding which has never been compiled in a video this extensive before.

I wouln’t hesitate to pick up the DVD. Bonus features included!

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