Premium Rush – Official Trailer #2

The second trailer for the big bike blockbuster, Premium Rush, just hit the internet a couple days ago. It seems like there are plenty of people excited about it, while others are writing it off as Hollywood trying to make a buck off the bike scene. I look at it as the movie industry taking note of a largely growing bike industry and catering to that market. In any case, I still find myself interested in the movie and I will definitely see it on when it comes out (September 24th).

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  1. Tall Bryan

    Haven’t they pushed back the release date for this multiple times? It’s going to be a huge flop. Truth is all urban cyclists will probably want to see this even though its going to be horrible. Something for us to laugh at anyway right? I couldn’t help but crack up when she rips her front brake off by hand though.

  2. Zach Bossington

    I heard they ran into some issues with the film being too similar to a book with the same plot line except with a roller blade messenger. Maybe that pushed it back. It will definitely be over the top from the looks of the trailer, but most movies are these days. I am just glad they have real stunts and hired the right people to do them instead of doing some bogus CGI stuff.

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